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Lost Cause 18 "Don't Drop the Soap" | 18 hours ago

In episode 18, the team is held in a Covenant prison, giving them time to figure out what's going on, and come up with an escape plan. (Lost Cause is a machinima series by Injured Knee Productions)

Panel Discussion: TTL on Improving H3 | 18 hours ago

Last week, Tied the Leader talked about what kept them playing Halo 3, this week they take a look at some things they'd like to see us improve on.

We're Hiring: User Experience Designer | 21 hours ago

We're looking for a User Experience Designer, head over to the Jobs Page to learn about what this position demands.

Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction Episode 2 | 2 days ago

The second chapter of Rooster Teeth's new Red vs. Blue seasonis now available.

June Matchmaking Changes Go Live Tomorrow | 2 days ago

Head to Head and 3 Ball are just over the horizon.

Halo 3 Bloopers | 2 days ago

Look at what you've done! A bunch of near-kills, kills gone wrong and sniper suicides are wrapped up in a pretty bow for you.

Gamasutra Looks at Bungie in 2008 | 2 days ago

Industry-focused Web site Gamasutra published a giant-sized interview with Artist Michael Zak, Engineer Chris Butcher and the man you know as Ske7ch.


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User Experience Designer

Bungie is seeking a User Experience Designer to help us design a seamless, functional, and cohesive user experience across all of our projects.

Generalist Programmer

Come march under our black banner and share our inevitable domination.   As an engineer on our team, you will tackle myriad technical challenges that stand in our path.

Software Developer in Test (SDET)

Bungie Studios is looking for a skilled Software Developer in Test (SDET) to drive the performance test process, white box testing, tool creation, as well as aid in our pursuit of World Domination.

Technical Designer in Objects

Bungie is looking for a passionate, creative and hard-working Technical Designer specializing in Objects for our next project.

3D Artist

Bungie is looking for a skilled, talented and experienced 3D Artist, capable of taking a 2D concept and fully realizing it as an impeccably detailed 3D model, suitable for HD graphics on a next-gen console.