The Next Halo Novel: The Cole Protocol

Tor Books announces the sixth book taking place in Bungie's Halo Universe, due in stores this Fall.

Legendary Map Pack Available Now!

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New ViDOC: And on the Seven7h Day.. - 3 hours ago

In anticipation of Cold Storage's Monday release, we've readied a new ViDOC to get you a bit more familiar with the map.

Recon Road Trip 2008 - 4 hours ago

Find the Bungie employee, win Recon. Terms, conditions, rules, restrictions and fierce threats of beatings inside.

Halo PC hotfix build 0615 - 4 hours ago

We've released a hotfix for a Halo PC network exploit. Click through for a link to the forum thread with details. Examines Death - and Finds it Wanting - 1 day ago examines game reward systems - why do you keep playing?

Tied the Leader AtLANtica Experience ViDoc - 2 days ago

On Memorial Day weekend, Tied the Leader held a repeat performance of last year’s AtLANtica event. All told, 37 attendees graced us with their presence, their gunfire, and their company.

Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction Episode 5 - 2 days ago

Church's anxiousness to discover the fate of Tex has led him, alongside Agent Washington and Caboose, to Outpost 17-B, where the three of them hope to investigate the ship's crash site.  However, they run into a few hurdles along the way.

The Halo Corpse Alphabet - 3 days ago

Ever take a screenshot of your Spartan's dead body only to later realize it resembles a letter? Who hasn't, right? Well I <3 Halo 3 Screenshots is currently working on a rather macabre project called The Halo Corpse Alphabet


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3D Hard Surface Artist

Bungie Studios is looking for skilled, talented individuals capable of taking a 2d concept and fully realizing it as an impeccably detailed 3d hard surface model such as a vehicles, weapons, or mechanical props.

User Experience Designer

Bungie is seeking a User Experience Designer to help us design a seamless, functional, and cohesive user experience across all of our projects.

Generalist Programmer

Come march under our black banner and share our inevitable domination.   As an engineer on our team, you will tackle myriad technical challenges that stand in our path.

Software Developer in Test (SDET)

Bungie Studios is looking for a skilled Software Developer in Test (SDET) to drive the performance test process, white box testing, tool creation, as well as aid in our pursuit of World Domination.

Technical Designer in Objects

Bungie is looking for a passionate, creative and hard-working Technical Designer specializing in Objects for our next project.