Breaking In - Christian Allen

Putting the pieces together.

Our new game!

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Just Relax - 26 minutes ago

Part machinima, part live action, all awesome.

The Voicemail Chronicles - Volume Three - 30 minutes ago

"Does anyone have a 1 month I can borrow?"

Sandbox Screenshots - 37 minutes ago

In the gallery and in high resolution.

Halo 3 Machinima - 'First Contact' - 5 hours ago

What started it all.

Halo Final Fantasy - 5 hours ago

You struck an Elite for Massive Damage!

Make a Halo-Themed eValentine! - 5 hours ago

A Halo-Themed eValentine community project.

Chronicles of ODS Steve #13 - 6 hours ago

Get your gear in order.

Reclaimer 148 - Veil - 6 hours ago

Monitors with attitude sold separately.

Halo 3 Webcomics: Aesthetic Sets - 23 hours ago

It's not just about the crates.

Chaos Theory: Episode 11: Yesterday's Villains - 26 hours ago

Halo 3 comic book-y goodness.

'Twisted Metal' 'Goosetage - 28 hours ago

Four wheels and tons of fun.

Average Joe - TTL Demag0gue - 29 hours ago

"Whoa, this is different."

Halo 3 Mythbusters: Episode 9 - 30 hours ago

The myths just keep on coming.

MLG Player Neighbor's Song - 30 hours ago

Won't you be my Neighbor.



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Environment Tech Artist

This position is focused on supporting the production artists who are creating game content.

Mission Designer

As a Designer at Bungie, you will work with the Design Lead and Engineers to develop game systems and AI features relevant to your missions.

Concept Artist

Bungie Studios is looking for an exceptional concept artist who will work closely with the Art Director and Art Leads to establish a style and feel for the environments, characters and objects for exciting new Bungie titles.

Lighting Artist

Turn on the bright lights, indeed. We're looking for someone who wants to shine bright...

Server Programmer

Bungie Studios is looking for an experienced developer of server-side software to create and maintain scalable services to communicate with our games and our internal development tools.