Halo 3 Title Update

The title update for Halo 3 is now available on Xbox LIVE. New achievements and more await. Details inside.



Bungie Weekly Update: Rare Thursday Edition

The Weekly Update arrives a day early and a million words short?

Teaser Trailer!

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TU2 FAQ - 17 hours ago

Now that the Halo 3 update has had time to sink in, many of you have questions. Fortunately we have answers.

New Achievements! From a Certain Point of View - 3 days ago

Just a reminder, folks. You may see some new achievements popping up in your Halo 3 Achievement List. You can earn some of these when TU2 goes live (around 2 a.m. on Sept. 23).

WETA Halo 3 Contest - 3 days ago

WETA is putting together one hell of a contest for Halo fans. Details inside, act quickly before time is up!

Halo 3 Single EXP Weekend Begins! - 7 days ago

This weekend on Halo 3 Matchmaking: Play Halo 3 online, and earn the same amount of EXP you get during the week!

Win Halo 3 Stuff! - 8 days ago

Bungie is teaming up with our friends at Halo.Bungie.Org to make it rain prizes and swag. Check out their contest page for full details!

Reclaimer 87 - with a Contest! - 8 days ago

This Reclaimer comes bearing gifts.

Ascendant Justice's The Architecture of War, Part III: The Enemy - 8 days ago

vociferous of Ascendant Justice continues with "The Architecture of War," his three-part breakdown of the encounters of the Halo trilogy; the final piece of this series, "The Enemy," has just gone live.


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Senior Engine Programmer

Bungie seeks a skilled veteran, steeped in the arts of war and language of programming.

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Does the urge possess you to seize the fabric of software and from it wrest life in all its infinite variation? If so, we think you belong here at Bungie Studios, helping us on our continuing quest for world domination.

Senior Producer

Bungie is looking for a Senior Producer to walk the tightrope between design goals and time budgets.

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A Senior Recruiter will play a pivotal role in talent acquisition for Bungie, and will oversee all of Bungie’s recruitment strategies and activities.