Halo 3: ODST ViDoc 'Bip. Bap. Bam.'

"Welcome to Firefight."

Bring Sgt. Johnson into the Firefight!

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File Share Outage Inbound - 14 hours ago

Yup, it's planned and nope, you won't lose a thing.

The Halo CE Chronicles - The Ring of Life - 17 hours ago

Part 6 – Conclusion.

SAVE THE DATE! ODST Fan Event! - 20 hours ago

Clear your calendars and start making plans to join us on Monday, 9/21, for the official ODST launch party!

Average Joe - Hawkeye - 21 hours ago

Totally single and so not from Iowa.

Why You Shouldn't Teabag - 22 hours ago

With expert timing.

GTTV Halo3: ODST Promo - 22 hours ago

Coming Attractions.

Fustoms Friday 8-28-09 - 22 hours ago

I like mine with a little sugar and mint.

Honor Guard "Halolympics" 3 Con Queso - 22 hours ago

Hurling headfirst into a pool of mayhem.

Hungarian Dance #5 Splatter Montage - 22 hours ago

Had enough splatter action?  Well, too bad!

The Rookie and The Helljumper Express - 23 hours ago

Off into the sunset.

Red vs. Blue: Recreation Episode 11 - 23 hours ago

Dumb Cop, Bad Cop.

Tag and Release - Amazing - 2 days ago

Pretty good, eh?

Reclaimer 212 - Red Haze - 2 days ago

Forcing a solution.

Red vs. Blue: ODST Episode 01 - 2 days ago

"Guys Like Us."



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