Bungie Podcast: 7/7/08

Some rise in three days, some podcasts rise in three months.

Bungie Weekly Update: 7/03/08

What's the deal with Cold Storage's release date? How much is it going to cost? Read.

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Wunderkind Makes Weapons Out of Cardboard - 2 days ago

What happens when you combine cardboard and ingenuity with pure, unadulterated fandom? Something sweet. That's what.

Bungie Day '08 (Machinima Film) - 2 days ago

Enjoy a short glimpse at what could happen if the friendly folks at Bungie Studios decided to exact revenge against the darker side of the Halo community. It's a collaborative film created by Sniper2477 and the amazing innovators at Ninja Adventure Productions.

Fiesta Double EXP Weekend Now! - 2 days ago

As the Bungie Day festivities settle down, we're throwing one more party.

Best of Forge - Spring/Summer '08 - 2 days ago

Forge Hub presents 'Best of Forge' - a quest to discover the best of the best community maps made in the first half of 2008. Come help the forging and Halo community identify the most shining examples of top quality user created content. Every vote counts!

Pwnathon for Charity Conclusion - 2 days ago

The 2old2playHALO Pwnathon 2008 was a month-long charity drive, consisting of fundraising based on gaming challenges. After a lot of Halo 3 games, contests and fun, over $1100 was raised for the PKDcure.org cause.

Halo Tracks on Bungie Favorites Vol. 2 - 2 days ago

The long-delayed week two of Halo Tracks Bungie Favorites is now online.

Reconstruction Chapter 6 Online - 4 days ago

The guys at Red vs Blue have put up Chapter 6 of their Reconstruction series.


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We're looking for a crafty Senior Engine Pipeline Programmer, an artful master in pipeline crafting.

3D Hard Surface Artist

Bungie Studios is looking for skilled, talented individuals capable of taking a 2d concept and fully realizing it as an impeccably detailed 3d hard surface model such as a vehicles, weapons, or mechanical props.

User Experience Designer

Bungie is seeking a User Experience Designer to help us design a seamless, functional, and cohesive user experience across all of our projects.

Generalist Programmer

Come march under our black banner and share our inevitable domination.   As an engineer on our team, you will tackle myriad technical challenges that stand in our path.

Software Developer in Test (SDET)

Bungie Studios is looking for a skilled Software Developer in Test (SDET) to drive the performance test process, white box testing, tool creation, as well as aid in our pursuit of World Domination.